Our Story

NAKAN: pronounced Nei-Can

Nakan was created by a group of individuals who lead very different day-to-day lives but share a common goal; live an active and healthy lifestyle, without all the waste. We saw how much is going on in the health and fitness industry; products with unknown substances, weird fads, and honestly, just a lot of confusing information from companies that don’t give AF. As a new brand we wanted to start out differently. Our mantra is focus on the quality of the ingredients as well as the ethics of who, what, where and how we sourced them. This took time, money, and research. Two years later, we feel that we have reached our destination.

Our promise to you... Create products that we use and believe in.

How We Keep Our Promises: 

Vegan: All of our products are plant based and cruelty free. We did this for two reasons. One is purely ethics, we wanted to create products that caused no harm to anyone or anything else. Two, is we wanted a superior product than the competition. After discovering the biproducts that are in other supplements (BCAAs derived from human hair and duck feathers, gummies derived from cow carcass) we decided to use all-natural ingredients that were truly aiding the body.  

USA Grown Hemp: Each product has high potency cannabidiol (CBD) as an element in the formula. This hemp is grown under strict guidelines in U.S. soil. By doing so we support our local soils and economy while preventing unknown "filler" ingredients from disturbing the formula or entering your body.

THC Free: Our products are always THC Free. This means that you get all the benefits of the CBD plant, without the psychoactive effect. Every product was created to a standard that professional athletes can feel comfortable knowing they are putting clean ingredients into their bodies. 

3rd Party Tested: In order to ensure quality, dosage, and that all of our products are THC Free, we send every batch out to a third-party facility based in California. These results can be seen on our website, or by scanning the QR code on the product. We want to provide full transparency with each batch. 

We hope to share more about ourselves and our journey with you in the future. Follow along on our Instagram @livenakan or join the newsletter. Here is where you can get educational information pertaining to our products, access to promotions, along with new recipes and access to our team members.